Here is a list with our frequently asked question so that you'll understand better what our app can do and what it can't do without your permission.




Do I need a Twitter account to use this app?

The answer is yes. You need a Twitter account to use this app. To be able to see your tweets properly we recommend you to own a Twitter account older than one year.


Can I use the app if my Twitter account was created recently or I was not very active in the past years?

Yes you can. You can see other peoples tweets from the past, firends, celebrities or just random peoples as long as their Twitter account is public.


Can TweetStory see/get my Twitter password if I log in with my Twitter Account?

No. We don't receive your Twitter credentials.




Can TweetStory post without my permision?

No. We don't post without your permission. You decide what tweets you share with your friends and we won't post anything for you.


What should I do to benefit the premium packages of this app?

You just tap on settings button where you have all the in-app purchases the app offers you.


If I pay for the macOS or tvOS app, should I pay again for premium packages?

Definitely not. The macOS and tvOS does not have limitations. You pay once and own them lifetime. No limitations and no ads.



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