Get the app now and start seeing all your and other peoples tweets from the past years.


It is importat that we don't forget our past. Our app focuses on this aspect by offering you the posibility to see what you have been tweeting since 2007. With time our app has progressed and now it can show you what other peoples have been tweeting as long as their profile is public.

TweetStory is available to download on:

● AppStore and Google Play:

Features a clean interface with 2 different view modes: Light and Dark that aims to enhance user experience. All the accounts added can be seen at the bottom of the screen and users can change trough them with a tap. On mobile devices users can even see the replies of a tweet.


It is available for free on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Check the links below:

● MacOS App Store

Is available for any kind of Macbook or iMac device as long as it runs os with version newer that 10.11. Using a bigger font and offering a Dark mode we think our users will enjoy


It can be bought on the macOS App Store and users will be able to access full functionality. No in-app purchase to unlock things! Pay once and enjoy our app for lifetime. Check the link below

● Apple TV App Store

Put your old tweets on the biggest screen in your house with our app for Apple TV.


Pay once for it on the Apple TV Apstore and own full features for lifetime. No aditional in-app purchases, or limitations. Check the link below


Still here? Either did not found what you were interested or you like our app. Let us know which one applied in your case and give us your oppinion about our website/apps. Thanks :D


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